Will Windows Phone Upend Conventional Wisdom?

(November 23, 2012) Last night’s Patriot rout of the sad-sack New York Jets had all the hallmarks of a turkey. As someone who shelled out green to see some green action I had seen enough red on the field for one night so I strolled on over to the Verizon Studio to check out the latest handsets on display. As expected, people were milling about playing with the dozens of new phones and tables on display, preferring the indoor digital toys to the schoolyard romp taking place outside.

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FX Energy & the Kutno-2 : The Plot Thickens

(September 12, 2012) It’s been over 3 weeks since FX Energy (“FXEN”) last updated shareholders on the status of the Kutno-2 well, a wildcat operation hunting for what could be the largest natural gas find continental Europe has seen in years. As I described in great detail in my piece dated August 9th, the 35,000 acre mega-structure that is the Kutno prospect is a well-defined four-way dip closure that is Europe’s largest mega-structure currently identified that remains undrilled.

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FX Energy : The El Gordo Lottery Ticket of Europe

(August 9th, 2012) Over the next month or so a small European gas company is poised to report results that could move this stock 300%. Yet it seems that few care, and fewer still have staked a position on the outcome. I’m one of the few who has. Read on to learn why you ought to consider doing so as well.

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Sonosite within the sights of Samsung

One of the more interesting M&A deals in the works was leaked almost a month ago by Bloomberg. In a story published at the beginning of November, Bloomberg writers  Jeffrey McCracken and Cathy Chan tipped us off to the fact that Sonosite (Nasdaq: SONO)  had hired JP Morgan to rep them in a possible sale of the company to Samsung. Read more

Harbin Electric Lowers Breakup Fee Payable to Tech Full/Tienfu Yang

Do the plaintiff attourneys suing Harbin Electric (Nasdaq: HRBN) know more about the risk of Harbin’s $24-per-share acquisition closing than the rest of the market? It sure seems so. Read more

Harbin Electric to the SEC : “The Dog Ate My Homework”

Yesterday after the close of trading Harbin Electric (Nasdaq: “HRBN”) filed an updated explanation of its purported $38.8 million dollar acquisition of raw land in Xi’an.

Reading the 8-k filing is like listening to a schoolboy come up with colorful excuses why he didn’t come to school with his homework – in short, it’s a Chinese version of the old hokum, ‘The Dog Ate My Homework’ (shout out to my dear friend who came up with that gem in a phone call with me last night!).

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Discounted Cash Flows and the Interdigital (IDCC) Auction

September 20,2011

Interdigital (IDCC) is a patent holding company that put itself up for sale on July 18th of this year. Holding over 8,800 patents with thousands more applications awaiting approval, IDCC’s core strength revolves around the growing area of LTE/4G. Read more

The Curious Case of Harbin Electric

Tuesday September 06, 2011

Much ink has been spilled over the controversy surrounding Harbin Electric (Nasdaq: HRBN). Ostensibly billed as a Mainland, China manufacturer of linear, industrial and specialty motors, Harbin is virtually one of the last-standing Chinese RTOs Read more

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