Intra-Cellular Therapies (“ITCI”) Stock Soars While Key Clinical Data Not Presented to Shareholders Looks Highly Disappointing

(July 15th, 2015) Biotech stocks have been on fire. And for good reason as numerous life-saving discoveries have come out of small, previously-unknown firms, making their owners rich many times over. But beneath the surface, a number of troubling drug development companies have caught the attention of investors with clinical data that’s dubious at best. With seemingly endless amounts of optimism, these biotech stocks have ridden the wave of investor enthusiam even when the data doesn’t look as promising as the market caps seem to indicate.

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All You Ever Wanted to Know About Retrophin But Were Afraid to Ask

(June 2nd, 2014) Humans, like atoms, abhor unsteady states of existence. Just like electron transport gravitates towards a steady-state, people gravitate towards peaceful lands and away from battleground areas. Read more

Know What to Buy When Putin Comes Knocking

So Putin rolls a bunch of tanks up to the Ukrainian border and the market slides a percent or so. In any other market that would be considered a yawn. But here in the good ‘ol US of A, where the average active investor can barely remember the dog days of ’08, few traders seem to have the skill set necessary to maneuver in a down market. Having done this for 20+ years, I thought it would be helpful to share my trading tips for when war comes knocking.
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Little Bear Investments LLC Participates in Metretek Technologies, Inc. $10.9m Private Placement

Friday May 6, 2004 1:30 pm ET

NEW YORK, May 6 — Little Bear Investments LLC (“Little Bear”) announced today that it has participated in a $10.9 million private placement to purchase common stock and warrants of Metretek Technologies, Inc. (“MTEK”). Roth Capital Partners LLC (“Roth”), a registered NASD broker-dealer, acted as the placement agent in the private placement.

“We’re excited that we had the opportunity to invest with Roth in a very unique transaction”, commented Mr. Mann, general counsel to Little Bear. ”Metretek is an exciting business, and with the capital raised in this private placement, we feel they have the tools they need to participate in the growth opportunities that lie ahead of them.”

About Metretek Technologies, Inc.

Metretek Technologies, Inc. through its subsidiaries — Southern Flow Companies, Inc.; PowerSecure, Inc.; and Metretek, Incorporated (Metretek Florida) — is a diversified provider of energy measurement products, services and data management systems to industrial and commercial users and suppliers of natural gas and electricity.

Information on MTEK is available on the company’s Web site at

About Little Bear

Little Bear Investments, located in the heart of Midtown Manhattan, is a merchant bank that focuses on investing in both public and private companies. Our broad range of investment experience includes: tender offers, private placements, PIPE’s, reverse mergers and bankruptcy auctions. Little Bear also offers financial, operational and strategic advisory services. Working with companies large and small, we bring the same disciplined approach to our clients as we do to businesses in which we have deployed our own capital.

If you have any questions regarding this press release, please contact Jeffrey Mann at or at 212-946-2736.

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